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Poledance: (will take you past a pole on collision course, and back on track)

Left edge
Left (veak) sweep
Right bow rudder
Left edge
Right hanging draw.
Right stern rudder
Right edge
Right stern pry

Try it as 'cross' to.

The Wall

Under construction

The wall: (for paddling in only one side and maintaining the paddle in the water all the time for control)

Stern pry (if needed)
Slide forward
Bow draw (if needed)

"The wall" and "Pole dance" are just names invented by me - please let me know if you know better/right ones.

Other suggestions of combination moves/strokes..??

I hate young people..!!

This is of course not true, in fact they help me to stay 'sharp'. As recently, I and a pair of friend met up at Strib Fyr - with the intentions of having a good time.

This we had, a good time - current against wind gave the conditions we were looking for.

Then, when we were back on solid ground, one of them youngsters said: "We ought to practice self-rescues, and the like, in these conditions."

Annoyingly, she was absolutely right..!! Next time, promise......

Cross strokes - what are they good for..??

I wonder what the fuss is all about. Oh, yeah: "to cross or not to cross" :-)

There are, for some reason, strong opinions against the serie ("serie" that you can do a lot more with the paddle in the 'wrong' side - cross hanging-draw i.e, while you are at it). I do not see any reason for this - I mean some people might not 'like' them, but why bother with the rest of us..??

I do like them a lot that you can pull (cross bow-rudder) much harder, than you can push sideways (bow-rudder), as an extra benefit you are able to really 'hang' in the stroke.
One of my favorite uses of it, is when heading towards the sea again, after a surf: Initiate the turn as usual and just let the cross bow-rudder hang there as long as needed/effective.

As seen on the picture I also try to prevent broaching with it.

I would say, even if you do not want to use them, do practise them, that they add good trunkrotation, boat and paddle sense (BBB) to your skills - see it as just an other tool.

A discussion.

Going into British mode.!

Sorry folks - I have decided to start writing in English here. Kayaking and all around it, is far from a 'national' thing. What I read about kayaking is mostly English anyway, besides swithing this blog into English might open up for more readers. I do not think I will be translating old posts - time will show...

There will be errors, flaws, misspelling, use of wrong tenses, wrong build sentences, etc etc - in spite of this, I do believe more people will be able to get the contents from my typing.

Hope to 'see' you here anyway. :-)