Norway, Holmane - 2016 week 41

Jon Nielsen had arranged a trip to Norway, with the goal of playing around the cliffs at Holmane - or wherever the conditions might suit us. The backyard of Neptun Kajakk. Truly a week to remember, and to repeat.

The week before we went, we followed the met report very carefully. It did not look too good, but of course we had to deal with whatever we got. Three of us arrived already Monday. This gave us a big advantage in being able to get the best from the conditions.

First day we got a small swell, with a long period. This gave us a proximity of 1,5 meter "elevator", close to the cliffs. Great water to start out with.

Next day the conditions would be the same, so we opted for Lysefjorden instead. An absolute great day on the water - too! A stunning place!

Next day the rest of the group had arrived, and luckily we had about the conditions as our first day - great for a starter.

The following day the conditions was more what we really was looking for. The forecast said close to two metres of swell and a rather short period. Still it way more than doubled the height, close to the cliffs. Spectacular. It is astonishing to watch, and feel, the amount of hydraulic energy that gets released, when the swell hits the cliffs.

Great place to be

The water at it's lowest

The water at its highest

The next day the conditions were on the rough side - just too much wind for our likes. Would have been a struggle at Holmane all the time, even in the lee. Instead we found a surf spot close to the camp. The surf was not the best, but it was there. And hell, "those waves does not surf themselves, someone got to do it." quote Daniel Skovgaard.

Personally I like this serie. :-)

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