2010-12-28 - Aborg

Jepsen and I. We had planned a rollsession. First a short paddle to Mariendal, then back to the beach for practice. I also did a selfrescue. Calm conditions.

Bondo getting ready for business.!
On this day, Jepsen looks kind of friendly - still he forced me to go over several times, just to make some photos and video-clips....
This is the some of the crazy stuff we did that day...

  Bondo rolls

  Jepsen rolls

  Bondo straddles up on the rear deck

2010-12-19 - Kidholme

Jepsen, Katrina and I. Fænø Sund <--> Skærbæk. Beautiful calm, but cold, winterday. The lunch break took place in my groupshelter, made a world of a difference.! Water froze in drinkink bottles... A few rolls.

It was a cold day.!

One of the few times where the water froze in the bottle....

That the lunch-brake could take place in a group-shelter, made the world of a difference in comfort versus freezing your ass off..!!