Sail # 3 - 2nd. test

When I saw the weather forecast said some 8-9 m/sec from SW, I thought "This is good. More wind, more waves. Time for another test."

The start of the trip was too much into the wind, so the first two kilometres was with no sail - or at least I did not get anything from it. Having paddled a bit off-shore, to reach a better angle for using the sail, I raised the sail, and headed off.

I did a few crossings into the wind. As you can see, here the speed gained a km/h or so. I was paddling very light during these three 'legs'. Finally, when I turned at Assens harbour (going north), the speed picked up. I did not paddle at all since then.

0-2 km is where I get some distance from shore, going south.
2-4 km are the three legs.
4-7+ km. When in position from where i wanted to return, I turned the boat, an headed back. For these last three kilometres, I did not paddle at all..!! In spite of this, the speed was between 7 and almost 9 km/h on this last leg. Maybe I got better in holding the mast vertical. Maybe I got a better trim. Wind change, change of course - I do not know.

Videos as evidence :-)

Sail # 2 - 1st. test

After I had tested how to roll with the sail, I was ready for a gentle test. I took place in 6 m/sec westerly wind. A fine direction for testing on flat water, in the harbour of Assens.

The test went quite well. I was able to cut about 45 degrees into the wind. Most efficient was probably from 90 to 135 degrees.

We soon ended outside the pier, getting the feel for a bit of waves - this was not a problem either.

Sail # 1 - mounting.

Putting a sail on our kayaks, has been in our minds for quite a while. After thorough investigating (!!), we chose Flat Earth Code Zero sails.

This photo from He has been a great source of inspiration, to this project.


The mounting took place at Jan Senecas place, all four boats more or less concurrent. 


Jeff Allen t(hr)owbag - additions # 4

The neverending story. :-)

This is # 4, as you might know there sits a # 1, # 2 and # 3 here as well.

I have mounted a cam cleat and a fairlead, behind the cockpit. This gives me the option to mount the towing-system there, instead of having it on my waist. The white robe is always attached to the bag, like shown.
This is a big advance, especially while being one of the mid-persons in an rescue through surf. Should I capsize, not being able to roll up, the tow is still intact. The rest of the group can just continue with the rescue.

Another benefir from this cleat/fairlead solution, is that I can accomodate any lenght of line, I desire.

It does take a little effort to get out of the system, but so does knots, loops or what ever you have done to achieve different line-lenght.

Lyø - June 2014

Seneca, Katrina, Gravesen and I started from Dyreborg around 14 o'clock. We were promised flat, calm and warm weather for these days. It became the truth.!

We agreed to go past the eastern side of Bjørnø, before crossing over to the causeway separating Avernakø in two, where we had a short portage, to get afloat again.

Then we followed the coast up north, to Avarnakø harbour, we were in dire need of some icecream.!

 From here we aimed straight towards Lyø, where Irene and Tobias already had arrived - on bicycles. We arrived around 19 o'clock. Time for a bath and dinner (Expedition Foods as usual). After the camp were set, it was time for cake, whisky, sweets - and whatever people could pull off their kayaks and bicycles.

We went for a walk on the island in the evening, down to the harbour. Beautiful weather, sky, clouds and light.

Lyø harbour by night.

Breakfast the following morning.

Irene and Tobias, my wife and son, are leaving - as are we.

Next day we paddled clockwise around Lyø, towards Knolden and then Dyreborg. On our way we made a stop at Klokkestenen.

 We had our lunch - and some sunbathing - at Knolden.

Well back in Dyreborg, we trained rolling with a loaded kayak, with no jacket on nor buoyancy: max chill, least support, heaviest kayak. It all went quite well.

Circumnavigation of Tåsinge - May 2014

 We chose to circumnavigate the island clock-wise. We did also round Siø and Strynø. Both with breaks, Strynø also with ice cream, cake and swimming.

After 28 km the set camp at a friends place on Tåsinge. Coffee, more cake, whisky.

At dinnertime, it was once again obvious that Expedition Foods provide us with the best taste and flavour, in de-hydrated foods.

Had a bit of rain Sunday morning, so until the tents were dry, we went for a walk.

It was almost noon, until we were afloat again. Through the sound off Svendborg, back to Lunkebugten. The weather had turned nice, warm and dry again - long breaks, ice cream, snooze and swimming. On one occasion a melted chocolate bar was consumed as well - hardly any chocolate left in the face afterwards....

We arrived to Lunkebugten after 24 km, but someone had stolen the water, so we had to haul/carry the boats the last 100 metre or so. This could off course not spoil the impact from the trip.

Shallow water is no excuse for not doing a bit of washing. :-)

Jeff Allen t(hr)owbag - alterations # 3

This is # 3, as you might know there sits a # 1 and a # 2 here as well.

As it turned out, the split D-ring in the belt, was not quite strong enough. Especially in surf, the bag was always dangling somewhere behind me. Therefore I (reluctantly) installed the quick release buckle instead.

Only time will tell how happy I will be with this solution.

In between swims

When you finally got it nailed, I believe the C2C roll is by far the easiest roll to perform.