Lyø - June 2014

Seneca, Katrina, Gravesen and I started from Dyreborg around 14 o'clock. We were promised flat, calm and warm weather for these days. It became the truth.!

We agreed to go past the eastern side of Bjørnø, before crossing over to the causeway separating Avernakø in two, where we had a short portage, to get afloat again.

Then we followed the coast up north, to Avarnakø harbour, we were in dire need of some icecream.!

 From here we aimed straight towards Lyø, where Irene and Tobias already had arrived - on bicycles. We arrived around 19 o'clock. Time for a bath and dinner (Expedition Foods as usual). After the camp were set, it was time for cake, whisky, sweets - and whatever people could pull off their kayaks and bicycles.

We went for a walk on the island in the evening, down to the harbour. Beautiful weather, sky, clouds and light.

Lyø harbour by night.

Breakfast the following morning.

Irene and Tobias, my wife and son, are leaving - as are we.

Next day we paddled clockwise around Lyø, towards Knolden and then Dyreborg. On our way we made a stop at Klokkestenen.

 We had our lunch - and some sunbathing - at Knolden.

Well back in Dyreborg, we trained rolling with a loaded kayak, with no jacket on nor buoyancy: max chill, least support, heaviest kayak. It all went quite well.

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