Rolling practice...

...should be done in 'conditions'. Don't we all tend to practise in pool and flat water conditions.?

Therefore I am happy to say that I headed for the beach today - on this windy day - with a clear intention to do some rolling.

This did of course not keep me from playing in the waves, now I was there. :-)
I was on the water from 16 to 17. Waves may not be as high as they would have been at Gl Agernæs, but more predictable, than Gl Agernæs sometimes are.

Surf at Gl Agernæs

The weather forecast said it would be windy - it was.!

Jepsen, Katrina and I, were on the water roughly from 16 to 18:30 - so yes, there was a reason for the struggle we had to get 'out there'.
It wasn't the largest or best of waves we have had at Gl Agernæs, but still there was a few good surfs to run. The wind had changed some in direction over the afternoon, so the waves hadn't built up their best - a bit confused now and then. Intermediate to rough conditions, I'd say. Occasional 1 1/2 meter waves. I was even pushed over once.. 8-O
We practiced rolling and self-rescues in conditions given.
I remembered Simon's word about using low-brace instead of high-brace - some of the time... Tried to stay high, not locking the bow in the through, and no skeg.

More and more happy about my NordLow - it acts as supposed to. Though I could feel it was as light as can be... Little tender... 


So much for 'Cold-hawaii'.! Far from cold and far from Hawaii. Amazing one can have weather, and conditions, like this 1st. of October.

This is actually third time I have been so unfortunate, to be here, when there is no surf (or very little) at all. This is what happens when the date has been set long ago.

Tomorrow there will be slightly more wind, but still the period is way to short.

Better luck next time.
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