Surf at Gl Agernæs

The weather forecast said it would be windy - it was.!

Jepsen, Katrina and I, were on the water roughly from 16 to 18:30 - so yes, there was a reason for the struggle we had to get 'out there'.
It wasn't the largest or best of waves we have had at Gl Agernæs, but still there was a few good surfs to run. The wind had changed some in direction over the afternoon, so the waves hadn't built up their best - a bit confused now and then. Intermediate to rough conditions, I'd say. Occasional 1 1/2 meter waves. I was even pushed over once.. 8-O
We practiced rolling and self-rescues in conditions given.
I remembered Simon's word about using low-brace instead of high-brace - some of the time... Tried to stay high, not locking the bow in the through, and no skeg.

More and more happy about my NordLow - it acts as supposed to. Though I could feel it was as light as can be... Little tender... 

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