Circumnavigation of Tåsinge - May 2014

 We chose to circumnavigate the island clock-wise. We did also round Siø and Strynø. Both with breaks, Strynø also with ice cream, cake and swimming.

After 28 km the set camp at a friends place on Tåsinge. Coffee, more cake, whisky.

At dinnertime, it was once again obvious that Expedition Foods provide us with the best taste and flavour, in de-hydrated foods.

Had a bit of rain Sunday morning, so until the tents were dry, we went for a walk.

It was almost noon, until we were afloat again. Through the sound off Svendborg, back to Lunkebugten. The weather had turned nice, warm and dry again - long breaks, ice cream, snooze and swimming. On one occasion a melted chocolate bar was consumed as well - hardly any chocolate left in the face afterwards....

We arrived to Lunkebugten after 24 km, but someone had stolen the water, so we had to haul/carry the boats the last 100 metre or so. This could off course not spoil the impact from the trip.

Shallow water is no excuse for not doing a bit of washing. :-)

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