Sail # 3 - 2nd. test

When I saw the weather forecast said some 8-9 m/sec from SW, I thought "This is good. More wind, more waves. Time for another test."

The start of the trip was too much into the wind, so the first two kilometres was with no sail - or at least I did not get anything from it. Having paddled a bit off-shore, to reach a better angle for using the sail, I raised the sail, and headed off.

I did a few crossings into the wind. As you can see, here the speed gained a km/h or so. I was paddling very light during these three 'legs'. Finally, when I turned at Assens harbour (going north), the speed picked up. I did not paddle at all since then.

0-2 km is where I get some distance from shore, going south.
2-4 km are the three legs.
4-7+ km. When in position from where i wanted to return, I turned the boat, an headed back. For these last three kilometres, I did not paddle at all..!! In spite of this, the speed was between 7 and almost 9 km/h on this last leg. Maybe I got better in holding the mast vertical. Maybe I got a better trim. Wind change, change of course - I do not know.

Videos as evidence :-)

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