Jeff Allen t(hr)owbag - additions # 4

The neverending story. :-)

This is # 4, as you might know there sits a # 1, # 2 and # 3 here as well.

I have mounted a cam cleat and a fairlead, behind the cockpit. This gives me the option to mount the towing-system there, instead of having it on my waist. The white robe is always attached to the bag, like shown.
This is a big advance, especially while being one of the mid-persons in an rescue through surf. Should I capsize, not being able to roll up, the tow is still intact. The rest of the group can just continue with the rescue.

Another benefir from this cleat/fairlead solution, is that I can accomodate any lenght of line, I desire.

It does take a little effort to get out of the system, but so does knots, loops or what ever you have done to achieve different line-lenght.

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