Cross strokes - what are they good for..??

I wonder what the fuss is all about. Oh, yeah: "to cross or not to cross" :-)

There are, for some reason, strong opinions against the serie ("serie" that you can do a lot more with the paddle in the 'wrong' side - cross hanging-draw i.e, while you are at it). I do not see any reason for this - I mean some people might not 'like' them, but why bother with the rest of us..??

I do like them a lot that you can pull (cross bow-rudder) much harder, than you can push sideways (bow-rudder), as an extra benefit you are able to really 'hang' in the stroke.
One of my favorite uses of it, is when heading towards the sea again, after a surf: Initiate the turn as usual and just let the cross bow-rudder hang there as long as needed/effective.

As seen on the picture I also try to prevent broaching with it.

I would say, even if you do not want to use them, do practise them, that they add good trunkrotation, boat and paddle sense (BBB) to your skills - see it as just an other tool.

A discussion.

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