British Craftsmanship, suggestions and things to improve

Just a follow up. Valley kept their word. I do now have a brilliant looking NordLow. :-)


Original e-mail for Valley:

Dear sir/madam,

Regarding my newest acquisition, a Valley Norkapp LV

I got quite a few issues with my new boat. Some are suggestions, some are nags and some just should not be there at all.

A suggestion would be to use Kajaksport-quality rubber for hatches. So much easier in use, while still being 100% tight. And, the fit for your hatches are (still) kind of poor. It is very hard to get the hatch in place. I will have to sand of some material on these too, thought this was only an issue on your plastic boats.

Please, let me drill the holes in the bulkheads, if I want to. I would rather drill a 0,5mm than 2mm, like you did.!

Please, while drilling holes in the seat anyway, drill two holes to drain the ever being water under your buttock.

After first trip, already rust on a ring..!!

Hose on pump. What kind of 'cut' is this..??!! Must be 90° ! (Preferebly closer to the buttom.)

Numerous scratches and polyester mishaps all over... Just not good enough.!

These were just some of the scratches..!!

The out-most worst is, without doubt, the next issue..!! But also the most difficult to show on a picture. Let me know if you need more documentation.

Funny shaped bow/sheerline..!!


All these issues does not affect the ride, but sure as hell the experience.

PS - this letter will soon be to find on my blog: - feel free to respond there too, if you like.

Kind regards 
v/ steen bondo
orelundvej 18
5610 assens denmark
+45 6440 6667
+45 2927 4815
CVR: 29 12 41 83
BCU: 129361


  1. Point 6 is very poor handcraftship. Why by a Valley to 2500 euro when you can hava an Seabird or Tahe for 1500, which is better crafted?

    Another issue: I hav always wonderet why the deck layout is so poor on all kayaks. Sometimes I want to cut in my boats and make it alle over with holders for bottles, cups, gps and other gear.

  2. And as you know Steen, I am considering a new kayak now. A seabord, valley or maybe an P&H.Yesterday I was close to by an Nordkapp, but now I am closer on an Seabird. Lower price, lower weight, better made.

  3. 'Ran' into Andy from Valley at the Anglesey Symposium. He promised they would make me a new boat. He thought issue 6 was even worse than I had been able to show on the pictures. Hope it does not take too long...

  4. Just a follow up. Valley kept their word. I do now have a brilliant looking NordLow. :-)