Those who don't like the Nordkapp

Those that decide they don't like the Nordkapp generally do so after 2 minutes because they don't like its apparent lack of primary stability when sitting in calm water (if only they would persist because the Nordkapp is wonderful in rough, confused water).
Quote: Douglas Wilcox

I can second this.! And add that the secondary stability does not "interfere" with your edging/leaning. It goes as far as your skills/guts wants to go. No support = no hindrance.

Practicing repetitive "draw on the move" strokes, has over the years given me a few unexpected rolls - I am sure NordLow will follow this tradition...

Should I describe NordLow in one word, it would be: "Neutral"
That be in maneuvering, forward, reverse, edging, leaning, rolling, any wind, any seastate, while coaching skills - you, the paddler, are always in charge. Other boat-designs actually needs a pressure down (Romany, Alaw, ..), if you want an edge, not here, you just think about it.
When applying a sweep you get a clear feeling that it turns around its center, not aft, not front - center. Unless off course you move your body/weight aft or front.

Having said this, it is imperative that you (and your gear) match the weight any boat design is made for. Are you in the lighter end you will find it much more unstable, than a person in the other end of the scale would.

Unfortunately many (most?) sea-kayaks are sold from their seat-comfort....

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