Jeff Allen t(hr)owbag - alterations

As genius as this system is, there is always room for improvements. I think ;)

From left: I have changed the fix-point of the rope, from the bottom of the bag, to the D-ring in the opening. This way I do not have to rely on my flacky brain, to remember what to do, if I want to use the bag as a drogue.

Center: I made a different 'knot-system' on the carabin. The standard knots had no chance in hell to slip under the decklines, needed be.

Right: I need/like/prefer to have something very distinct to grab, when releasing.

The rope is fixed by sewing, under the heat-shrink-tube (what ever it's called in English. Someone?)
Later on I will mount a float of some kind, ca. 4m from the carabin.
I left the rope/knots in the very bottom of the bag, to maintain the standard attachment of the plastic carabin.

Other than the changes shown above, I have also shortened the belt, to be only 5'ish cm 'too long'. My  changes are, for me, improvements. Other people may have other preferences. The important thing is that we all look at our gear, with a skeptical mind, and go out and use the shit - the only way to find out what works for you, and what does not.! This also gives, that I might change back, or change something else, later on - after more trial and use.

I am aware that I will have to keep an eye on wear and tear of the rope, having it directly on the steel.

I am not the only one to alter systems. Here is how Søren Brink alters his Palm tow-system

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