How to store your spare split-paddle.

This has been an ongoing test and trial issue:

I have had balls on the bungees, to allow the paddle to slip under. These balls had to be redicoulus in size to let me push the shafts underneath - the blade was not a problem.

I have had plumbing-pipes attached to the bungees. Even the smallest (>2feet) surf forced the paddle AWOL.

I have had hose on the bungees, to make an open loop. This did not let me slide the shafts (easy enough) under the hose.

Went by one of GnarlyDog posts, to get some inspiration - and to exclude some solutions. The result was that I stuck to my plumbing, but fixed them much more sturdy. The reason I have them so long, is that I do not want to scratch the deck more than needed, sliding the shaft through the pipe, before I can get the blade under the bungees, and be course my splits aren't the same length...

My 'active' paddle slides nice and easy under the over-all bungee. The ball makes it even easier.

Well - this is how it looks at the moment. Next step will probably involve some epoxy and fibre-glass work...

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