GPS, or not to GPS - that's the question

That I like the art of navigation, I get by without using a GPS for this purpose.  I prefer using chart, compass and watch. Until now I have (almost) always been close enough in knowing my whereabouts and finding my way. On the other hand, I do like to see my track - either just for fun or to geotag some photos.

Hence I do not want to use power consuming software, on my mobile. I use one of either: My tracks, Move! Bike Computer or GPS Logger. They have various ways to either share or send data, but My Tracks feature to make an export to Google Docs, does kind of appeal to me. Power consuming software like i.e Endomondo, just don't get a chance here.

i-gotU is an other option. Especially useful on multi-day trips, due to it's battery life (if set to longer log-intervals).

Vis Sydfynske Ø-hav 2010-07-08 --> 13 på et større kort

On occations I have used a Forerunner - just another option. Here from a trip around Fanø.

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